Yvette Mooney

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professional healthcare consulting

Yvette Mooney BSN, MS, RN, CNAA

Your core team, like most healthcare organizations, is involved with, contributes to, and often oversee's costly projects. Your budget and your Board demands innovation and effective performance.

Yvette Mooney provides cost-conscious, innovative, and effective solutions for a range of needs within healthcare, human resources and professional education industries. The focus is to produce effective solutions, enhance your profitability, establish new product lines, right-size your staff, manage a project, provide expertise in facilities design and operations, and develop or enhance your information system programs in compliance with your unique clinical and staffing needs.

She has successfully implemented strategies and tactics in the areas of:

  • cost containment
  • optimization of staffing
  • recruitment / retention
  • innovative care models, and
  • immediate patient care solutions

Yvette Mooney is also a renowned expert in the areas of international nurse recruitment / training process and innovative problem solving resulting in numerous contributions to the profession and industry.

You can expect Yvette Mooney to:

  • Dialogue in clear¬†language and healthcare-based realities
  • Guide you in getting organized
  • Draft Plans with your inputs
  • Empower your entire workforce to get organized, collaborate, and accomplish tasks large and small.
  • Liaison with your team on small projects so they gain new tools for future projects
  • Manage projects on your behalf
  • Create templates for your team to utilize for future projects

Successful operational expertise includes a 33 year pass rate for all JCAHO, NYS Article 28 Department of Health Surveys and yearly fiscal savings while providing high quality care within the challenging environment of increased volume and decreased resources.

Yvette Mooney has held senior level executive positions with ultimate responsibility for all areas of patient care services.